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This happened a few years ago, when I had just turned 18. On my journey to college in the mornings I would get off at the bus station by the shopping centre and buy some food for lunch. I have fatigue problems which means if I haven't had a lot of sleep I get VERY irritable, as well as skin sensitivity problems that make a poke feel like a pinch. My uniform for college consisted of black jeans and a purple polo shirt with the college name and course embroidered on the breast. I was also wearing.. Morning All, this is another work dress code ramble but i really want someone's opinion on if im being stupid or not? I have worked for this company for 10 years now and always worn smart black leather shoes or black trainers with no branding, dark slim jeans and a polo top with a collar. Now my boss has suddenly decided that this is an issue and we all need to be wearing a suit. The whole smart black trousers, tucked in shirt, tie and a blazer. I asked the question

Here is part 2 of my finds from TB - *Disclaimer: I haven't bought these items, just sharing some finds. Please double check the listings or talk to the seller if you want to make sure items are branded etc.* (taken from @/lamebbqduck) **Dresses** [**Alice+Olivia** Dress] (https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=2013.1.20141001.4.69a67099bs6yhQ&id=570839342206&scm=1007.12144.81309.42296_42296&pvid=927d947d-c072-4094-b8f5-b092199f63f5&utparam=%7B%22x_hestia_source%22%3A%224229.. Who ever is in control of x's instagram and life beyond his time seems to be seriously milking the situation. I am a big fan of x, i have been for a while now but it seems a bit ridiculous that the store is selling a polo top for 0 and a t shirt for , to me that seems way too excessive. My work uniform is a heavy navy polo top, full length black trousers and black shoes. I work indoors (retail) but we do a hell of a lot of manual handling. Our jobs go between that, serving customers at tills and running around in general for eight hours a day. Even with the three large shop fans running and one desk fan at the till area I'm still breaking out with heat rashes. I get uncomfortablly warm, like other staff do, to the point where the sweat is visibly dripping off our faces at b.. Hi, I work at a leisure centre as a recreational assistant - basically, a lifeguard who does set-ups and cleaning as well. my uniform is a red polo top with black swim shorts, and I am worried about coming out. I dont want to leave, I like working with the people there and its pretty much the only thing I am halfway decent at, but it's just.. fuck, man. I do have tracksuits we can wear, however these are typically worn by the duty supervisors - we're allowed to wear them its just that its a b.. I’m a late bloomer in every aspect except for my chest. I remember being 13 and thinking it would be quite okay if my c cups didn’t grow any more (spoiler: they did). I remember being 16 and being shamed by my teachers for my cleavage, even though I was wearing the same polo top as every other girl at my private school. I remember having to buy a different dress than my original for college graduation because somehow, at the age of 23, my boobs had grown too large for it in the span of 3 months.. Greetings all! They call me Bruce Ashland, and I've lived in the neighborhood for about 62 months. I'm migrated here from Ashland, Quebec (quaintly ironic, I know). I have 83 Venno

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